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Be a Mentor... Change a Life!

Companions for Children has served Minot and surrounding area since 1972. During this time Companions for Children has provided hundreds of children with volunteer mentors. These mentors serve as role models to help youth through challenging and crucial times in their lives. 

Companions for Children has a goal of matching every child in Minot who wants a mentor with a screened adult mentor. Why does Companions for Children have this goal? The answer is simple. Mentors change kids lives for the better. But don't take our word for it!

Studies have shown that youth who meet regularly with a mentor are:

  • more confident of their performance in school
  • more likely to attend college
  • more likely to get along better with families
  • less likely to consider suicide
  • less likely to suffer from depression
  • less likely to begin using illegal drugs
  • less likely to begin using alcohol
  • less likely to skip school
  • less likely to react by hitting